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Redstone Technology

 What Is Redstone Technology?

Redstone technology is a new ‘harmony’ of the fundamental physical properties
of digital signaling. Our breakthrough technology closes a wide efficiency gap in
all communications systems and achieves wireless gigabit bandwidth at lower
power, greater distance and smaller size of equipment and devices.
The result is a deeply simplified architecture. that will launch a brand new connected marketplace. Redstone technology wipes the slate clean and starts over with a new omni-directional wireless architecture. Forget everything you know about wireless architecture and see what the future of ICT looks like.



Redstone 101 is a brief tutorial on Redstones Wireless Technology, and how we got started.

Redstones wireless gigabit technology is a unique disruptive innovation for many reasons…

Redstones discoveries surpass current communication barriers, power requirements and more…

Redstone’s Pilot Program for wireless integration. Imagine unlimited possibilities with our technology.