A New ICT Paradigm is Here

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Unprecedented Opportunity

Revolution of the wireless industry that allows extremely easy deployment and provisioning of high-speed, gigabit wireless networks – anywhere.



Major Breakthroughs

Lowest cost, most rapidly-deployable infrastructure with the first dedicated wireless connectivity to bring fiber data rates directly to end-users everywhere.


Honeycomb Architecture

Three-dimensional wireless architecture that delivers four-dimensional, omni-directional connectivity and breaks the service provider oligopoly.



Fluid ICT Solutions

Fluid-state networking solutions that enable ubiquitous computing products and services such as wearables, telematics, augmented reality and high-quality media.



More about us

Who we are

Redstone is a technology company enabling a new communications reality with world-changing wireless gigabit technology. Our mission is to globally deploy low-cost gigabit connectivity to everyone in the world.

What we do

Our physical layer technology works in all things wireless including infrastructure, equipment and devices. Our new wireless architecture provides a simple, very low cost solution that delivers dedicated, wireless gigabit bandwidth everywhere.

Why we do it

We believe that access to the Internet is a fundamental right for all people. We are passionate about connecting everyone and everything wireless on the planet with our very low cost, rapidly deployable solution.

Where we do it

Our headquarters and lab are located in Tampa, FL. We have team members based in Silicon Valley and will open our Silicon Valley office in 2014. You can connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, Linked In or YouTube, or through our Contact page.

Massive Mobile Growth!

Smartphone 81%
Tablet 113%
Laptop 31%
M2M Module 89%
Mobile Cloud Traffic 84%
Video 89%
Source: Cisco VNI Mobile Forecast, 2013

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